Spring Crown Tourney, West Kingdom, 2003
Photo Credit: Kevin Connery

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Bellatrix Fighting School

Fall Crown Tourney, West Kingdom, 1971
Photo Credit: Steven MacEanruig



Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - General Techniques

Section 3 - Perception and Centering

Section 4 - Sword

Section 5 - Shield

Section 6 - Exercises

Section 7 - Sword Exercises

Section 8 - Shield Exercises

Section 9 - Integrated Exercises

Section 10 - Appendices

Section 11 - Glossary of Terms

Section 12 - Author's Notes

PDF version of complete Manual (1.8MB)

WORD version of complete Manual (2.4MB)

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    Greetings and thank you for visiting the Bellatrix Fighting School Web Site.


    This document was written by Duke Paul of Bellatrix, known outside the SCA as Paul Porter. This work is copyrighted (2003). All publication and reproduction rights to this manual are reserved by the author. We do encourage the copying, printing, and/or downloading of the manual for private use. If the paper is not copied in its entirety, complete titled sections must be included in the copy; this is to ensure instructional context remains accurate. House Bellatrix sincerely hopes you find this manual useful. We are always willing to teach, you need only ask. Please contact Duke Paul for more information on workshops and private training sessions.


    Sir Stephan
    Second Duke of Bellatrix





    The Bellatrix Fighting Dynasty


    Brion, Paul and Stephan, 1989
    Photo Credit: Ken Mayer
    Stephan, Paul and Brion, 2001
    Photo Credit: Martin of Rivenstar



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