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This is a work in progress. I fully intend to expand and upgrade the document. There are several subjects that have not been treated, and others that need more explanation.

In choosing techniques to include in my system, I take those that fit into the overall style. There are valid techniques that I do not use because they interrupt the flow of my movements, or because I have chosen a similar one to emphasize. Also, we are all different in our physical capabilities. There are some movements that I can't do. If they are needed for a certain technique, I won't use that technique.

Also, I don't use techniques that I wouldn't use against the best fighters. Why practice a technique that only works on those who are not highly skilled.

I think that my basic style can be used by anybody, but the application of the techniques may have to be modified to match personal physical capabilities, personal preferences, or local situations.

In any case, I hope this document is useful to the readers. I am very willing to correspond on the subject.

Comments from readers would be appreciated.

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