Welcome to The Household of

Duke Paul and Baroness Susan of Bellatrix


Members of the Household

Sir Paul of Bellatrix, Duke Baroness Susan of Bellatrix
Sir Brand McClellan, Viscount Lady Johanna Ludwiger von Hertesbergk
Master Dirk von Echoltze Viscount Sir Dmitriy Shelomin

Squires of Duke Paul

Ealasaid Countess NiChlurain Lord Liam Wylie
Viscountess Jimena Ines Montoya de Garciaz Lord Martin of Rivenstar*
*Fostered to Duke Paul from
Duke Moonwulf Starkaderrson of the Middle Kingdom
Lord Conall MacDesmond Uiā€™Niall*
*Fostered to Duke Paul from Sir Elriin
Bantiarna Broughanann Naesdottir
Tiarna An Cu Bleigbh

Companions of the Household

Master Fredrick of WoodLyn Mistress Lyndia of WoodLyn


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