If you are reading these words, you have probably been directed to this place because you are interested in the truth, and are willing to make the effort to find it. We applaud this effort. If you are interested in some contextual information, please read on. However, if you would simply like to peruse the banishment/accusation document, feel free to skip ahead by clicking here. You will note that although we have posted the banishment document, the extensive response (appeal document) to the accusations will not be made overtly public. Although there is a wealth of information that refutes the claims made in the banishment, we feel that it merely creates more drama if we list the names and testimony of those who spoke up in response to the accusations (all respected people, peers and non-peers alike). Furthermore, our response to the banishment shines a bright light on the poor and unflattering behavior of those who seek to defame Ysabella. Posting such details publicly would not be kind, and we would like to take the first step in putting a stop to the matter.
In a nutshell, Ysabella was banished by the Crown of the West through the leveling of a “Greater Royal Sanction”, which prevented Ysabella from attending ANY official SCA functions, within the borders of the West Kingdom, for at least the duration of the reign in which the sanction was enacted. It should be noted that this banishment was protested by a large and diverse group of peers and non-peers, both in and out of the kingdom. She served the length of the banishment, and the banishment was not continued by the succeeding royalty. This should end this sad saga of the West. But sadly the ill-effects of this action have reached far beyond its intended target, and continue to linger in the hearts and minds of many, both in and out of the kingdom. Should you desire more specific details, please feel free to contact any of us: Paul, Susan, Brion, or Ysabella. Our contact information will be listed below.
If you just happened to find this site:
If you just happened to click here, permit us to provide some context. In the interest of full disclosure, Ysabella Dolfin is a beloved member of the family. Partner to Brion, and future daughter-in-law to Paul and Susan. We all love and admire her very much. We also value truth and honor, and hold our integrity very dear. We weary of the lies being told about Ysabella. Ysa can at time be unfiltered and earthy. She is opinionated and has a laser wit; and she will not stand for a bully. She is a big personality and an alpha female and this is a combination that gets her in “trouble” sometimes. (That said, she is also a loving mother, a wonderful partner to Brion, a fabulous cook, and someone who is extraordinarily generous with her time, efforts and talents to others...though that is not the point of this missive.) It has come to our attention from many unsolicited, diverse, and respected sources, that some folks are whispering that Ysa was banished for “terrible” reasons involving alcohol and minors. Needless to say, we are astounded by such a suggestion. We intend to put this notion to rest by posting these words, and making the official banishment document available to all those who would seek the truth. Please read the actual charges posted here and judge for yourself. It is our suspicion that the perpetrators realize that their ruse has gone too far, and so now they are trying to bolster it with a whisper campaign, not realizing that Ysa is completely free to post the actual charges. Have you ever caught someone in a lie, and instead of facing their shame and confessing the truth, they just tell a bigger lie to try and cover up? Well, let us show you the actual document and you can read for yourself , thereby helping put a stop to malicious rumors.
To be fair, we also think that anyone who has ever played the game of telephone knows that even a simple concept can be innocently turned around by the time it gets down the line. So, should you hear any gossip, you can do your part by refusing to participate, or by listening only to the point where you can ask the person their source and their intent in sharing. Then, having armed yourself with the truth, try to model more discerning and compassionate behavior.
It is absolutely true that Ysa published some unflattering things about some folks in her personal blog some 2-3 years ago (“personal” is a key word here). Though the provocation of the time is understood, some of her comments could make her sound like a “mean girl”. This is not at all her personality and in fact, she is quite the opposite and known for her protection of those more timid or less fortunate. Given that she has already served her time based on “not acting as befits a lady,” and given that she has grown and matured since the incidents of three years ago, and is much more reserved and thoughtful about what she puts in her private correspondence, it seems as though it is past time for this incident to be over and done.
We understand that the world is not always fair or just, and appreciate that we need to create joyful and productive lives anyway. We are moving on. If you are someone who needs more information before you can move on, you may be at ease contacting us at susan@bellatrix.org, paul@bellatrix.org, brion@bellatrix.org, or rachimov@comcast.net
We offer our sincere regards and thank you for your time.
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