Section 10 - Appendix I - Great Weapons


VI. Specific techniques either weapon, unless specified)

  1. Sliding block
    The concept here is to block the blow such that it slides sideways off of your blade, at the same time pushing the blade of your weapon back into the start of a return strike. This should be used at all opportunities.
  2. Sleeve cut
    FLASH video of "Sleeve cut with partner" (0.35 MB)
    FLASH video of "Sleeve cut" (0.44 MB)
    This is a strike that is performed with the blade of the weapon horizontal, and almost touching your sleeve, and the entire upper body locked into position. The entire force is provided by the rotation of the body. It provides a very hard strike from a very close range. It can be used with both types of weapons, but more usually with the greatsword.
    Variations of this strike are used extensively in this style, when striking at close range. It is not necessary for the weapon to be strictly horizontal, nor is it necessary for it to be touching your sleeve. The basis of this technique is to supply power by rotating your body, rather than using your arms. It should be possible to achieve a “killing” blow with a swing of about 16 inches.

  3. Against great weapon
  4. Against shield weapons